Hypnosis/Life Coaching

Private Sessions

we get stuck.
Sometimes we fall.
It is what you do NEXT...
...that determines who you become.

What do you want to unlock?

Unlocking Key Series

Phase 1: Receive

Connect with your own presence.
Enter into the stillness within you.

Phase 2: Expand

Magnify your sense of wonder!
Call forward your Quantum Self.

Phase 3: Deepen

Guidance from the Quantum Self.
Be ready for a wisdom download!

Working Together

Entering into a session with Dena is about opening a doorway to possibility. It’s about direction, clarity and focus. There are times when Life gives us struggle or challenge –  these challenges are ‘markers’ of what is in queue, waiting to be brought into the light of truth… These encounters serve as an indication that a new door is unlocking… AND that you are ready to walk through.

Open the Doorway to Your Subconscious

Talored to YOU

With a background in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Dena is equipped with a deep toolbox of multiple layers, dimensions and techniques to help you in the process of receiving guidance from your subconscious.

Dena helps to shine a light on what is “bubbling up”, working through through instilled perceptions and underlying beliefs. When you are ready, new beliefs, which support the more resourceful you, are installed. This is the YOU you are choosing to become!

Hypnosis Sessions

Single Sessions or Packages Available