We are Evolving

Our website is currently being redesigned.
We will be unveiling it soon.

In the midst of the current uncertainty, we would like to extend our hearts and loving support to our beautiful community.

We believe an extraordinary leap in conscious evolution is available to us during this time.

Here at Evolving Door, we see this upheaval as an opportunity… An opening to rise above fear, worry and confusion… for each of us (as individuals and as a collective) to find the peace and presence within our hearts and minds.

Humanity stands at an open door… will we walk through together and remember the Light of our Being? Will we (virtually) join hands and find the presence and stillness within? (“The Kingdom is within You”)

While our brick and mortar studio is currently closed, we are adding new ways to support and send love to you!

We are adding several (no cost) offerings. (Check the toggles for details.)

We will also be launching ‘Pay what you can’ sessions (limited) with Dena D. (Life Coaching/Hypnotherapy).

Please visit our Facebook page for current listings.

An Extraordinary Leap in Conscious Evolution is Available to Us!

These will be conducted on Facebook live, please visit our page for details.

‘Pay what you can’ Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy Sessions. Contact us on Facebook for details.

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'YOU are the medicine'